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GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Bites


Mineral Junkie Bites  - Supplementary feed for invertebrates - Minerals are essential for invertebrates in the aquarium, but they cannot be produced by the respective organism itself. With Mineral Junkie Bites  you can supply your animals with all the important minerals. The small sticks/bites contain both inorganically and organically bound minerals in order to avoid deficiency symptoms, which are often noticeable in shrimp and other crustaceans through shedding problems, weak growth and high mortality rates in young animals.


With snails you can  avoid pitting in the shell with Mineral Junkie Bites , they grow better with sufficient mineral supply and build an even, strong snail shell.


A sufficient supply of minerals is a very important factor in keeping and breeding shrimp, crabs, crabs and snails, they are literally "addicted" to these substances. All invertebrates have a so-called exoskeleton, which consists of minerals, among other things. However, minerals are also responsible for many more specific tasks in the organism, eg for stimulating muscles and nerves. As is well known, the color cells of dwarf shrimp (chromatophores) are coupled to muscles, so an optimal supplementation of minerals can have a positive effect on the species-specific colouration. Numerous hormonal processes are also not possible without minerals.


In addition to minerals, Mineral Junkie Bites  also contain useful vegetarian ingredients and herbal extracts with many secondary plant substances for agile and healthy animals. Protein and fat are very low, so the water quality is hardly affected and you can also use the  Mineral Junkie Bites  as summer or weekend food.


Feeding recommendation for shrimp, crabs, crabs, snails
Every 2 - 3 days or as much as your animals eat within a few hours


Minerals, vegetable by-products, cereals, herbal extracts


Analytical components
4.04% crude protein, 0.62% crude fat, 0.68% crude fiber, 27.08% crude ash

Shape: Soft Bites (soft sticks) approx. 5 - 10 mm


Made in Germany


What you need to know about shrimp food

Compared with fish and other aquarium inhabitants, the diet of ornamental shrimps is quite different, especially regarding nutrient intake and digestion.

In nature, shrimps eat all day long. They are almost all the time busy grazing on the biofilm formed by bacteria and algae. Their digestive tract is perfectly adapted to this way of feeding. The food the shrimp is incessantly transported through the intestine by wavelike movements of the bowel muscle. In the intestine, most of the food is broken down. Shrimps are not able to store large amounts of food in their cardiac and pyloric stomachs, thus it is crucial for them to constantly graze.

If shrimp do not find sufficient food, their digestive system runs empty very soon, and nutrient intake and digestion, which are so vital for them, is reduced to an insufficient level or even cease entirely.

Does it make sense to feed sparingly or just from time to time?

Feeding from time to time only or feeding too sparingly is not recommendable for the reasons given above. These feeding methods can soon lead to deficiencies, especially when the shrimps have already eaten all of the natural biofilms on the surfaces in the tank.

Soft food tabs or pellets are usually eaten very quickly, and thus the shrimps take up a huge amount of food in a very short time. However, the majority of this food is not broken down properly as their digestive system is not adapted to this kind of massive feeding. Their body cannot utilize such a large amount of nutrients, at least not at the pace the food passes through the shrimp's intestine. In the worst case, the shrimps do not find enough to eat (or nothing at all anymore) in their tank, which leaves them hungry until the next time they are fed. This can, in turn, lead to elevated stress levels, which makes them more susceptible to noxious germs and bacterial infections.


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GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Bites Shrimp Food 50g

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