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GlasGarten ShrimpFit

Supplementary feed for ornamental shrimp - ShrimpFit from GlasGarten is a special feed and immune booster for rapid activation of the immune system. ShrimpFit improves the immune system and provides your shrimp with nutritionally important active ingredients such as beta-glucans, mannan-oligosaccharides, minerals and chitin.


The most common cases of bacterial infections in shrimp in aquariums are caused by non-pathogenic bacteria, i.e. they are not pathogenic bacteria, but normal bacteria that live in every aquarium and every living being. Unfortunately, these can also quickly lead to a problem, namely when the immune system is weakened and/or does not become active quickly. A sleepy "Sentry" or a sluggish "Battle Party" can be decisive for a fight.

In short, without an immune system, a shrimp is just a piece of meat waiting to be broken down by bacteria. The immune system alone prevents this, which is why it is so important to strengthen the shrimp's immune system so that it can defend itself optimally and keep the shrimp healthy. That alone is his job to be faster and stronger than opponents can spread. ShrimpFit supports it in this task, the ingredients act as immune boosters in different ways.

Advantages of GlasGarten ShrimpFit
• High binding power and inactivation of toxins (poisons)
• Activation and multiplication of defense scavenger cells
• Formation of a protective film on the intestinal mucosa


Feeding recommendation (each for approx. 100 liters)


First aid
First aid (immediate aid) can possibly prevent greater damage, since the immune systems of the shrimp that are still uninfected or already infested are activated faster and more strongly. at the same time, toxins are bound by GlasGarten ShrimpFit and channeled out of the intestine.

• immediately 1 heaped measuring spoon
• after 2 days again 1 heaped measuring spoon


Preventive and regular feeding
Used preventively and fed regularly, ShrimpFit forms a protective film in the intestinal mucosa and increases the alertness of the immune system so that intruders can be fought faster and more effectively if a strong immune system is required.

• with normal stocking density: 1/2 measuring spoon each twice a week
• with high stocking density: 1 heaped measuring spoon each twice a week


Note : 1 heaped measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 0.7g.


We recommend not giving any other food to GlasGarten ShrimpFit for a few hours before and after feeding it, in order to make optimal use of the effect of beta-glucan.


Brewer's yeast hydrolyzate (rich in bioavailable beta-glucans, mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and chitin), minerals

Analytical components
crude protein 22.5%, crude fat 5%, crude fiber 0.3%, crude ash 4.5%


GlasGarten ShrimpFit is available in a resealable screw-top jar of 35g.
There is also a measuring spoon in each can.


Made in Germany


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GlasGarten ShrimpFit Food 35g

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