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Shirakura Red Bee Sand 4kg


Shirakura Red Bee Sand - soil substrate (soil) was specially developed for the breeding of bee shrimp and has been continuously improved by Takayuki Shirakura in cooperation with the manufacturer in numerous tests. Friends for years, they have made it their task to achieve the best possible result for keeping and breeding bee shrimp.

This substrate, made from different types of burnt earth using a special process, has the property of permanently lowering and stabilizing the water values ​​that are important for breeding, such as carbonate hardness (KH) and the pH value. The adjusted pH value is approx. 6.5 +/- 0.3. For breeding, a carbonate hardness (KH) of 0 - 2 is aimed for and, to avoid ammonia, a pH value of less than 7. If the measured total hardness (GH) is less than 5 at these values, you should use *Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+ * Raise these again a little, otherwise there may be molting problems.

Shirakura Red Bee Sandcontains no fertilizer additives and is therefore absolutely harmless for shrimp. Its highly porous structure offers a very large surface and thus habitat for the colonization of important microorganisms, which baby shrimp in particular need for their development (see also *Shirakura Chi Ebi* - rearing food). Especially when using bottom filters, the Red Bee Sand also offers optimal conditions for biological cleaning and thus for the best water quality.

Further advantages
• reduces algae growth
• moss grows lush green
• crystal-clear water
• natural look, colour: black-brown

Do not wash out the substrate beforehand.
You can start setting up the aquarium right away.

Recommended substrate height
At least 4 cm

Contents: 4 kg (equivalent to approx. 4 liters)
Grain size: 2 - 4 mm


Shirakura is a product line, which is specially tailored to the needs of bee shrimp , includes substrate, main and special rearing food, as well as various mineral additives and conditioners for the aquarium water. Together they create the best conditions that are of crucial importance for the health, growth, colorfulness and reproduction of the shrimp.


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Shirakura Red Bee Sand / Active Aquarium Substrate For Shrimp & Fish 4kg

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