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Shirakura Mineral Stone 200g


Shirakura Mineral Stone is a swellable montmorillonite clay mineral stone that enriches the aquarium water with vital minerals and a natural ion exchanger for cleaning water. Due to its extremely high ion exchange capacity, it binds toxins such as ammonium/ammonia and heavy metals over a long period of time and stores them firmly so that these substances can no longer pose a threat to shrimp.

At first it looks like the mineral stone will dissolve in the water. Of course, it doesn't do that, it just swells up, which is necessary for the storage of the toxins in the intermediate layers and adsorption on the three-layer silicate.

Sufficient enrichment of the aquarium water with minerals and the rapid binding of any toxins that are produced is of crucial importance for health, vitality, bright colors and to avoid molting problems. This applies in particular when using natural, very soft water or when using soil substrate that softens the initial water. This can quickly lead to a lack of important minerals. Japanese shrimp farmers are convinced of the positive properties of the mineral stones and use them in their breeding facilities, as does Takayuki Shirakura .

Before use, hold it under water about four times every few minutes so that the stone can soak up the water and does not break in the aquarium.

Simply place around 200 g of Mineral Stone per 100 l of aquarium water in the tank. Replace after approx. 6 months. An overdose does not result in any disadvantages for shrimp. If the mineral stone is too much covered by algae, you should remove it from the aquarium and carefully brush off the algae. Then it can simply be put back into the aquarium.

Content: 200 g (approx. 5 - 7 pieces)


Shirakura is a product line, which is specially tailored to the needs of bee shrimp , includes substrate, main and special rearing food, as well as various mineral additives and conditioners for the aquarium water. Together they create the best conditions that are of crucial importance for the health, growth, colorfulness and reproduction of the shrimp.


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Shirakura Mineral Stones (Montmorillonite) For Shrimp

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