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Tantora Mineral Liquid GH+


Tantora Mineral Liquid GH + is a sensational water conditioner for RO water. It is rich in nutrients that encourages proper moulting and improves the healthy health of shrimps. Tantora Mineral Liquid GH + effectively increases the level of general hardness (GH) without increasing the level of KH.


1 drop of Tantora Mineral Liquid GH + for 1 liter of water or 1 ml for 5 liters of water, increases 1 dGH **

(Note: ** This ratio applies only to RO water. The result may be different when using water with different parameters.)


Tantora grow and produce natural and organic shrimp food & water conditioning products. The Tantora Shrimp Series range of products are produced to offer a natural solution for shrimp keeping. However, Tantora products are also ideal for other invertebrates and fish species such as Crayfish, Discus, Bettas, Killifish, Arrowana, Angel Fish, Corydoras etc. Products are grown and harvested away from town and city areas. They are therefore free from pollutants. Tantora leaves are carefully selected, harvested and prepared for use. Leaves are foil sealed for freshness and all products are presented with a Tantora branded colour label.


Here at Aquarium Shrimp UK we sell a broad range of Aquarium Shrimp, Snails, Food, Botanicals and Other Products.


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Tantora Mineral Liquid GH+ For Shrimp 60ml

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