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GlasGarten Liquid Humin+


GlasGarten Liquid Humin+ adds important humic and fulvic acids to the aquarium water and thus creates species-appropriate conditions for your aquarium inhabitants. Humic substances are present in almost every natural river/stream and are found in high concentrations, particularly in the habitats of ornamental shrimp and ornamental fish.

Humic substances promote vitality, rich colors and well-being, stimulate reproduction, increase the survival rate of the offspring and ensure healthy growth. They strengthen the immune system of the aquarium inhabitants and improve the aquarium biology. They reduce algae growth, inhibit harmful germs, bind pollutants and have a preventive effect against diseases and fungal infestation. In addition, humic substances stabilize the pH value and thus protect against a dangerous pH drop.

Humic substances should not be missing in any aquarium. Their positive properties have been proven by new scientific research and since they are missing in tap water, reverse osmosis water, etc., we have to add them. Humic substances contribute to species-appropriate husbandry, they are present in almost every habitat and are very important for the health of the animals and their immune system. The organisms have adapted to this and even in low concentrations, which hardly visibly color the water, humic substances bring their positive properties to bear.

In scientific experiments with crustaceans (water fleas), even the smallest and invisible concentrations of humic substances were enough to make the animals feel better and show a better reproduction rate. We have been using humic substances in our breeding facility for a number of years and have found exactly the same with our shrimp, which is why we support the recommendation for the regular addition of humic substances in the aquarium.

Further scientific studies confirm the positive properties of humic substances and, for example, Professor Dr. Christian Steinberg (Chair: Aquatic Ecology at the Humboldt University in Berlin), who has dealt intensively with humic substances, even considers them to be indispensable in an aquarium. In the classic ecological literature it was previously assumed that humic substances only have an indirect influence on the animals. Now it has been shown that humic substances have a direct influence on the organisms and are even vital, according to Professor Dr. Christian Steinberg.

We agree with his opinion and think humic substances are a must in every aquarium. For further information, we have published an extensive article on humic substances and their effects in our wiki, just have a look: Humic substances in the aquarium

Dosage for normal care
Approx. 3 - 7 ml per 100 liters of water weekly

Dosage in case of problems, for quarantine bath, or for lovers of black water
weekly approx. 10 - 20 ml for 100 liters of water

content and range with medium care dosage
100 ml for approx. 2,000 liters of aquarium water
250 ml for approx. 5,000 liters of aquarium water


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GlasGarten Liquid Humin+ For Shrimp 250ml

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