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GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil, 9 liters


Glas Garten Environment Aquarium Soil is an active substrate made from various baked and sterilized soils that has been specially developed for use in aquariums. It naturally lowers and stabilizes the pH value (depending on the starting water to approx. 5.5 - 6.5) as well as the water hardness and thus creates optimal conditions in the aquarium for plants and animals that feel comfortable in soft water.

Due to its special properties, this substrate ensures crystal-clear water. It is rich in natural nutrients for lush plant growth and lush green moss. The fulvic acids it contains also improve the environment for plants, animals and microorganisms from day one.

The Environment Aquarium Soil is one of the Garnelenhaus products that we offer under our own GlasGarten brand. We have been to Japan several times for him and there we were able to win a soil manufacturer with many years of experience as a partner, who produces an aqua soil for us according to our specifications in first-class quality. The Environment Aquarium Soil meets all our expectations and, more importantly, those of our customers too. The Environment Aquarium Soil is very popular with owners and breeders of dwarf shrimp and ornamental fish, as well as in aquascaping and aquatic plant aquaristics, because it is easy to use, gives the aquascape or shrimp tank a natural look and creates an ideal environment for Creates aquatic plants and inhabitants in the aquarium.

Instructions for use
• Do not wash out the substrate before use
• Distribute the substrate evenly or create your desired layout
• Run the water carefully and slowly into the aquarium
Tip: In order to avoid stirring up the substrate, it is advisable to run the water in via a saucer or something similar

Notes • The GlasGarten
Environment Aquarium Soil (not powder type) is also suitable for soil filters
• Not suitable for keeping fish that like to dig in the substrate (possibly permanent water cloudiness)
• Not suitable for fish, shrimp or plants that need high pH
• A slight turbidity in the water after setting it up will disappear after a short time if the filtering is working and the water will be crystal clear
. • Store the bag closed to prevent it from drying out.

Recommended substrate height
At least 4 cm

Volume: 9 liters
Colour: black-brown
Grain size: 2 - 4 mm

Made in Japan


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GlasGarten Environment Soil / Active Aquarium Substrate For Shrimp & Fish 9L

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