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Crushed Moringa Leaves


Crushed Moringa leaves provide an excellent alternative food for your shrimp. Leaves are a natural part of a shrimp habitat and help support beneficial biofilm. These Crushed Moringa leaves are 100% organic and safe for all aquarium inhabitants. These leaves last longer than many other aquarium leaves



You can add Crushed Moringa Leaves directly to your tank. They can take several days to sink. If you wish to boil them first the will sink faster and release some of their tannins so it won’t discolor your water as much. Do not add more then 1 leave per 2 gallons or so in a week. If you add too many leaves too quickly to your tank you can cause problems with water quality by changing parameters too quickly.


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Crushed Moringa Leaves Food For Shrimp 100g

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